Ace Bobadilla is a 3D Artist, recently graduated from BCIT in the 3D Modeling and Animation program. Ace likes to hone his skills in 3D software such as Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine and more. He loves to model and texture, making visually appealing art. He is a creative and driven artist that works well in a team environment, but he also works well by himself.
He was a Graphic Designer for well over 7 years prior to going to BCIT. He worked as a designer at H Street Media and (formerly Ace was in charge of designing whole campaigns that included, but not limited to, landing pages, emailers, banners, reward cards, and print ads for H Street Media. At, he worked in the pipeline creating layouts to showcase product and make them appealing to customers. He has designed Logos and Business Cards as a freelancer. Ace moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 12 from the Philippines and has been there ever since. Ace received a diploma for the Digital Graphic Design program from VCC in 2008.
His goal is to enter the industry as a 3D Artist, modeling and texturing for Gaming and TV. He wants to work his way and eventually become a senior or lead artist.
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